Forever Aesthetic


Hello All! My name is Jen and I am the founder and creator of Forever Aesthetic. I've always enjoyed creating and making things, and now, designing and making jewellery is part of that passion...


Have you ever sat back and taken a moment to look at your rings, earrings or necklaces and wondered how they were come to be made? I've always wondered this and I decided it was time to find out! It wasn't long until I had picked up the tools of the trade and had self taught myself the basic skills of silversmith.

After months of self development I can now proudly present my pieces for you all to enjoy. All pieces are created using only quality materials that won't tarnish or fade which means you can wear them all day, everyday. I take great pride in my workmanship and I can guarantee each piece has been fussed over before it is presented to you.

Minimal, simplistic and dainty is what I am all about and the very nature of all my pieces. Designed to be worn on their own or mixed with others to create a statement look. With such flexibility, the choice is yours when it comes to creating your individual AESTHETIC look!